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If you’re looking for a pediatrician to conduct a physical exam or wellness exam in Liberty, the Northland or Kansas City area, look no further! We specialize in kids health and are happy to provide a routine check up and wellness exam as a part of your child’s pediatric care.

Importance Of Baby And Toddler Check Ups

Physical exams (physicals) are one of the most important factors in preventive health care for both you and your child. A wellness exam can identify health problems before they become severe, ensuring that your child is ready to take on the world.

Baby and toddler check ups are very important for your young children, not only because it is preventative health care and treats sickness, but because it ensures that your little ones are healthy. Our caring pediatricians and professionals are committed to helping your children stay healthy. That is why we encourage you to bring your child in to a pediatrician at our pediatric care center for a wellness exam or physical exam on a regular basis. Just like you, we understand that there is nothing more important than your child’s health.

What Does a Wellness Exam Entail?

The wellness exam is a regular part of your child’s pediatrician visit from birth to two years old, performed in conjunction with immunization. They will continue on a yearly basis from that point on. Over this period of time, the pediatrician completes various screenings based on your child’s age, sex, and family history.

Be sure to ask your pediatrician about special instructions for your child’s wellness exam. The physicians at Health Care for Children can provide more information on what each wellness exam will include.

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Taking your child in for a preventative routine check up and wellness or physical exam from a pediatrician is the best way to ensure their health and strength. While a wellness exam cannot always prevent illness, it can help treat any potential issues sooner. Our pediatrician team is ready to complete regular physical exams and watch your children grow.

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