Sports Physical Exam for Children

Many schools, recreational or athletic activities now require the participating child to obtain a sports physical exam. Besides a sports physical exam, other criteria regarding your child’s pediatric service and care may be needed prior to partaking in the organized activity. If your child would like to participate in a sport or activity, be sure to schedule a routine yearly physical for your child.

A sports physical is necessary for organized sports to find out more about the health of your child. An exam may show problems that can interfere with the participation. Problems can be addressed by prescribing a medication, suggesting tips and recommendations to better your child’s performance and avoid any unnecessary injuries or illnesses.

Pediatric Services for a Sports Physical Exam

Our doctors will have your child in for a sports physical and out on the field in no time. At Health Care for Children in the Northland, we understand that participation in organized group activities is crucial to your child’s mental, social and physical development. Because of this, you can count on our medical professionals to get your child’s sports physical exam and other pediatric services completed thoroughly and quickly.

What Can I Expect from a Sports Physical?

A typical sports physical will be completed in two parts. The first part of the exam encompases the childs medical history. Family illness, vaccinations, past injuries, and current medications give our doctors an insight to as to what conditions and factors need to be considered during your exam. The second part is the physical exam. A record of height, weight, blood pressure, pulse are taken. The doctor will then evaluate your vision, joints, strength and flexibility. A listen of your heart, lungs and check inside your ears, nose and throat will also be completed. Depending on the age and sex of your child, a few more components of the exam may be necessary.

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