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There is nothing more concerning or important than the health of your child. At Health Care for Children, our children’s hospital consists of talented, compassionate pediatricians who care about your family’s well-being and specifically, your kid’s health. As a result, we offer comprehensive child health care services that give you the attention your child needs to obtain an active lifestyle. Our pediatrician team is dedicated to serving your little ones throughout their early lives by offering reliable and compassionate pediatric services to the Northland, Liberty and Kansas City area.

Health Care for Children is home to four of the area’s top pediatricians and we have a team of hardworking professionals. All of our KC pediatrics doctors are board certified pediatricians with years of experience and a passion for helping children. Our team is committed to the mental, physical, and behavioral health of your child. From birth to early adulthood, your pediatrician has been trained to provide quality healthcare for kids, and treat illnesses from minor health problems to serious diseases. Our pediatrician biographies can be found on our about us page. Finding the best fit for your and your child is most important, as the relationship your family has with your pediatrician will last the majority of your life.

Should your child need to be seen by a pediatric specialist, our KC pediatrics team can recommend a colleague in our office or someone in the area who is more specific to your child’s certain needs. Pediatric specialists can range from allergy and immunology to oncology or neurology.

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Call (816) 792-1170 to learn more about our all-inclusive pediatric health care clinic. Health Care for Children is designed to keep your kids healthy and happy and to give you peace of mind through trusted child healthcare services. When you come to our children’s hospital, you can be sure that your children are receiving the best pediatric care possible. It is our team’s mission to better the life of your child through pediatric care. We love children and they love us. Healthcare for children is not just a business; we have dedicated our lives to helping children and loving them.

Health Care for Children proudly provides pediatric and child healthcare services in Liberty, the Northland and the Kansas City area.

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Please call our office at 816-792-1170.