Health Care Faqs

Q : How much acetaminophen should I give my child?
A : See our Acetaminophen dosing chart.

Q : How much ibruprofen should I give my child?
A : See our Ibuprofen dosing chart.

Q : What hospitals are you affiliated with?
A : Liberty Hospital

Q : Is there a different phone number for daytime / evening?
A : You will always call the same number day or night, 816-792-1170

Q : Does insurance pay for everything at every visit?
A : It is good to sit down with your insurance carrier and outline in detail what is and is not covered by insurance. (ie. well child visits, vaccines, prior authorizations needed, etc.)

Q : I saw one physician in the hospital but would like to follow up with a different one.
A : Whenever you call to schedule an appointment, we will do our best to schedule you with your desired physician.

Q : How do I go about getting old records sent from a previous physician?
A : We have forms available at our receptionist’s desk that you can fill out to have old records obtained from any other offices. See our Medical Release Form

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Please call our office at 816-792-1170.