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A pediatrician is not only your resource when your child is sick or injured, just like adults, children should have a regular medical exam to ensure their continued health. In fact, Missouri children are required to get a medical exam prior to enrollment in childcare programs. An annual physical examination is a very important safeguard. We take the time to examine your child completely, including areas not inspected during most sick visits such as your child’s vision, hearing, urine or blood. It is great time for you to ask your child’s pediatrician questions that may have come up during the year.

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Kids Health & Children’s Medical Exams from Your Skilled Pediatrician

When your child requires a medical exam to attend childcare programs or participate in extracurricular activities, the professionals at Health Care for Children can help. Our Northland-based office has everything necessary to conduct a thorough and accurate exam. This medical exam is required by state law, which makes it even more important to partner with a pediatrician you trust that can ensure the good health of your child. Some parents may question why medical exams are necessary but a lot can change as each year goes to the next for your child.

At Health Care for Children, you can rest assured your child is in exceptional care during every visit with the pediatrician, including their medical exam.

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